What’s In Your Handbag And Do You Really Need It?


If someone told you to empty your bag contents on the floor with a moments notice, would you?

Well I just did – in a bid to start a ‘What’s in your handbag and do you really need it?’

Here is my handbag contents – and now let me justify everything ..


I’m actually really impressed there is not one dummy to be found! (I used my emergency one yesterday..). In fact, I look quite adult!

  • Wayne Cooper wallet, for obvious reasons.
  • 2 glasses cleaning cloths and spray
  • 2 gaviscon tubes (leftover form my pregnancy days)
  • 2 hand sanitizers (because I’m nuts for it)
  • Care keys
  • Chewy
  • A Belt that was digging into to me, and ended up discarded in my bag (and now the bin)
  • Ecoya hand creame because it smellsĀ delicious
  • Sukin lib balm that I have used once and categorically do not like (and now realise I should just throw out)
  • Hello Kitty mirror that has been used only to pick up and go, oh I wonder if I need this.
  • Wax and Kerastatse items – from a colleague who brought in her bathroom contents to give away only today (I’m not hoarding)
  • Tampons
  • Bandaid – I always have one handy

Out of View: todays left over Salmon Pie.

My poor co workers will now be subject to me asking them for their bag contents, and I ask you readers .. can you flat lay yours for us? Tag us on Instagram with #WhatsInMyBagSOY, or simply tag us on your Facebook picture (remember your profile has to be public for us to see!