The Organised Family Podcast Series by Stuck On You

The Organised Family Podcast by Stuck On You

Welcome to The Organised Family Podcast – Recipe ideas, creative home-organising tips, parenting advice and much more.

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Episode 1: Louise Fulton Keats: Be a healthy food family.

The Organised Family Podcast Episode 1, hosts food nutrition writer and cook book author Louise Fulton Keats. Keats shares her views on child nutrition and explores the importance of introducing healthy food options into your child’s diet from a young age. Her insight, tips and tricks will educate and help you and your children understand how you can lead a healthy lifestyle with some great recipes and meal ideas.
For more information regarding healthy eating and portion sizes for children, Louise recommends visiting

Episode 2: Dr Justin Coulson: Starting or getting back to school

The Organised Family Podcast Episode 2 hosts one of Australia’s leading parenting experts, Dr Justin Coulson. Justin discusses how to promote resilience in your children, how to communicate positively with them and how to nurture a happy and harmonious family. The focus of this podcast is on how to effectively deal with the anxieties and fears around starting school.

Justin also tackles questions from listeners such as appropriate screen time, how to have a stress-free school morning, and how to strike a balance when it comes to discipline.

For more of Dr Justin Coulson’s advice and tips, visit his website