Stuck on You ® Rewards


At Stuck on You ® we are super excited to announce our Rewards Program designed to reward our most loyal customers. It’s FREE to sign up and you can earn points to get discounts on your next order.

Sign up for an account on the Stuck on You website. Already signed up? Just log in and start earning points on all your future activities.

How do I earn points? 

Once logged in, you could earn points with any of these activities:

 at Stuck on You ® – each product earns you points and you only need 70 to redeem these on your next order. You will see how many Reward Points you will receive on each product on our website. The points stay valid for 365 days from the latest activity on your account.





SHARE products via the Stuck on You ® website on Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+. Each of these activities may earn you 70 points and will take a day or two to appear in your account. Until they have cleared they will appear as pending.





Become a Stuck on You ® reviewer – REVIEW and rate your favourite products on our website. A review may earn you 70 points and will take a day or two to appear in your account. Until they do they will appear as pending in your account.





You can REFER a friend by sending them an invite via your account on the Stuck on You ® website. When that friend creates an account and purchases on our website too, you get 2100 points! These points will appear in your account once your friend has placed an order.




Where do the points go? 

So long as you are logged in, the activities above will accumulate points in your account. You will also see a Points Summary by clicking on the My Points and Rewards menu option. Here will will see what activities earned you points, how many you have earned, how many you have spent and what products you can currently buy with the available points that you have.

How do I redeem my points? 

To use your Reward Points make sure you are logged into your account and add items to your shopping cart. When you go to the checkout you will see a Reward Points Slider that allows you to choose how many of your points you would like to redeem on that purchase. You can use as many of them as you like or save them for another time.

How long will my points last? 

Your points will last for 365 days from the last time there was activity on your account – SHOP, SHARE, REVIEW or REFER. We will send you a reminder or two when your Rewards Points are close to expiring.

Time to get started!

So, time to get started! Go to Stuck on You ® to sign up and start accruing your Rewards Points.

Take a look at our FAQs or email us at Stuck on You ® if you have any further questions. Conditions apply, read our full Terms and Conditions. Reward Points are not available in Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE and Gulf States.