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Are you on Pinterest? We are too and to celebrate we’re giving away 5 x $50AUD* Stuck on You vouchers in our first Stuck on You Pin It To Win It Sweepstakes. Here’s what to do:

  • Follow the Stuck on You Pinterest Page
  • Pin your favourite Stuck on You products from our website
  • Use the hashtag #StuckonYou in the description of each of your Pins
  • 5 winners will be randomly selected. Each will win a $50AUD* Stuck on You voucher.

Our Winners will be announced via Pinterest and here on our blog on Friday, 15 March, 2013. Full Terms and Conditions apply. Read them here.

New to Pinterest?  Pinterest 101 

Pinterest is like a series of boards just like pin-up boards or notice boards you may have used in the past. Compared to many other social media platforms, it is extremely user-friendly and super easy to get started. Here’s a few tips for newbies:

  • Go to and sign up using your Facebook and Twitter logins or your email address.
  • Assign a username to your page and upload a photo. (If you sign in using Facebook or Twitter it will just use your profile pic).
  • Pinterest will ask you to follow 5 things to get you started. These pictures are called ‘Pins’. Just pick anything that tickles your fancy – a recipe, a funny or inspiring quote, fashion pics, food pics, anything. Don’t stress – Pins can be deleted or moved from board to board very easily.

Start Following

Stuck on You –
You can follow individual boards that people have set up, people or companies (this means all of these Pins will appear on your feed).

Find and Invite Friends

Click the dropdown menu on the top right to invite or find friends. There are Pinterest prompts to help you along the way.

Create your Boards

Boards are the places you Pin your images to. Pinterest sets you up with a few standards Boards when you sign up (such as Products I love, Books I Love etc) but you may want to add your own.

  • Click on Add+ from the top right hand corner and then click Create a Board (like categories for your Pins).
  • Create any Boards you fancy, don’t worry about the Board names, they can easily be changed and pins moved from board to board. Some examples: if you’re decorating your home you might have a Board named “Kitchen Designs’ or ‘Bathrooms’, if you love dogs, ‘Dogs’, if you love food ‘Food Food Food’ or ‘Yummy Cakes’ etc.
  • Select a category that suits the Pins you will have on that Board from the dropdown.

Get Pinning

There are a few ways you can Pin:

  • Click Add+ from the dropdown menu on the top right of your Pinterest Page. This allows you to Add a Pin using an image URL, or upload an image from your files. You then Pin it and choose the Board you would like to Pin it to.
  • If you don’t have a Board that suits that image, you can create one from this dropdown menu also.
  • On many websites and blogs you will see a ‘Pin It’ button. When you see an image that you like click ‘Pin it’, select the image you would like and choose the Board you want it to be Pinned to.
  • You can upload a ‘Pin It’ button to your browser here. Click Install Now, click on the download and it will pop a red Pinterest ‘P’ to the top right of your browser. Whatever website or blog you are on, click on the Pinterest logo on your browser and it will give you a selection of images to Pin from that page.


  • Re-Pinning is Pinning an image from another Board to one of yours. Go to and by clicking on the choices from the bar at the top you can browse Categories, Everything, Popular, Gifts etc.
  • WARNING: many hours can be lost looking at beautiful images on Pinterest.
  • When you hover the mouse at the top of each image you will see the option to Repin It, Like or Comment. Click ‘Repin’ and choose the board you want to Pin it to.

Pinterest Hashtags

  • Hashtags in Pinterest are used in the same way as Twitter and Instagram, they are simply a way to categorise Pins and to aid searching.
  • For example, when you Pin to enter the Stuck on You Pin It To Win It Sweepstakes we have asked you to include a hashtag in the description like this: #StuckonYou
  • If you would like to see all of the entries in our Pinterest Sweepstakes, simply search #StuckonYou

That’s Pinterest 101. Now get Pinning in the first official Stuck on You Pinterest Sweepstakes and good luck!

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