Which Stuck On You label is right for me?

Feeling overwhelmed about what to label before school starts? Let’s put an end to that. Here’s our handy guide to what needs labeling, and which Stuck On You labels will help you avoid the Lost and Found box this term. Let’s jump right into it… because that new school year is just around the corner!

School uniforms

Stuck On You Clothing Labels

When it comes to labeling uniforms, choose either an Iron On Clothing Label or a Stick On Clothing Label.

Iron On Clothing Labels are a flexible, stretchy label that is safe for the washing machine and dryer. Once you’ve ironed it down, the label basically becomes a part of the garment because it embeds into the weave of the fabric.

Stick On Clothing Labels are a temporary solution, perfect if you’re in a hurry to run out the door and don’t have your uniform labeled yet. They’ve got a glue adhesive, so you can stick them down and then iron or sew down later when you have more time. They’re safe for the washing machine and dryer as well.

Sports uniforms

For all types of sports gear, you can rely on Iron On Clothing Labels and Stick On Clothing Labels. These durable, high quality labels won’t peel or fade – no matter how hot and sweaty your little sports star becomes! We’ve designed lots of great sports-related icons to add to your label, including bats and balls. It’s a cute way to make your child’s sports gear stand out from the crowd.


Stuck On You Name Labels
Stuck On You Name Labels

If you’re looking for thin, durable name labels for pencils, try our Mini Name Labels range. You can choose from a pack of 50 or 100 labels that measure a tiny 46.6mm x 6.6mm. They are the perfect size for pencils, glasses, smartphone, lids, small containers and other small items that can easily go missing.

If you need quite a few labels why not consider a Value Pack? The 5+ School Labels Pack has 18 Large Name Labels, 26 Medium Iron On Labels, 50 Mini Name Labels, 18 Square Name labels and 1 Personalized Bag Tag. This will save you money and cover a few bases in one hit.

Our Book Labels are a lovely way to personalize books. Each paper label is printed with the words “This book belongs to” and you can enter your child’s name underneath. Choose a font and your favourite design icon and select either 23 or 46 labels in your pack.


No hat, no play! Make sure you aren’t replacing expensive hats this year by labeling before the hot weather arrives. Stick On Clothing Medium Labels are a good size for hats, and can be stuck inside the rim or on the tag. These fabric labels are safe for the washing machine and dryer, and can be ironed down for added durability. They come in packs of 26 or 52 and measure around 50mm x 20mm.

Allergy Labels

Stuck On You Allergy Labels
Stuck On You Allergy Labels

Unfortunately, food allergies are fairly commonplace among school kids. So we’ve released a range of Allergy Labels that highlight the following allergies:

  • Wheat
  • Nut
  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Seafood

These are a great way to alert teachers, carers, parents and your children’s friends of their allergy. The big, bold shapes and colors can also help remind children to be careful about what food they share with friends.


Large Round Name Labels are a nice size for food containers, and you can order these printed with both a first name and surname. You can choose either 16 or 32 labels in a pack, measuring around 45mm in diameter. They sit nicely on lids, containers and are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Our Large Clear Labels have a transparent background and you simply choose the color and font of the text. They’re a handy microwave and dishwasher safe label. It’s a good “grownup” option for older children because you don’t need to add a cute design icon.

School shoes

Stuck On You Shoe Labels
Stuck On You Shoe Labels

All those black school shoes can start to look the same after a while! Choose a Shoe Label and you can add your child’s favourite icon to help them recognise their belongings – even if they can’t read their name yet! Shoe Labels are designed to fit snugly inside your child’s shoes. These waterproof vinyl labels have a strong adhesive backing and will not smudge or fade due to sweating and rubbing.