Create an awesome kids craft area (even with limited space)

Image: Claire Collected

Once the crafting bug hits, you can be at risk of it taking over your entire home! Try to contain the fun to one area of your home with these handy tips for the perfect kids craft area. You don’t need a lot of space – a corner will do! Your kids will be entertained for hours.

Tips for the perfect kids craft area

Pop in a peg board

Kids Craft Area
Image: @rebeccakateartist

You can find these at most hardware stores, and they make a great backdrop to any kids craft area. ¬†They’re super handy because you can add hooks or baskets for extra storage (don’t forget to leave space between the board and the wall so hooks don’t do any damage!). Paint your peg board in a bright, bold colour and suddenly your little craft space will be transformed into a studio worthy of any great artist!

Light it up

Image: Style By Emily Henderson
Image: Style By Emily Henderson

Plenty of lighting will ensure your little one isn’t straining their eyes, especially when working on something fiddly. If you don’t have much overhead lighting in the area, it’s a good idea to grab a desk lamp or position a floor lamp near your kids craft area.

Look down

If your craft table sits on a carpeted area, you should definitely invest in a large piece of vinyl or a baby splat mat (found in most department stores, it’s designed to put underneath a highchair to help with spills) to put underneath. Nothing worse than a carpet full of glue and glitter! You might even want to put something underneath your table even if it’s on wooden floorboards, just to be safe.

Organisation is key

Image: The Wardrobe Man
Image: The Wardrobe Man

If your child’s desk has drawers, invest in some handy dividers¬†so that you can store a range of supplies within easy reach. Colourful buckets, take-away containers, baskets and clear plastic tubs are all useful for storage as well. Find items that stack on top of each other to maximise space, and consider attaching some baskets or containers to a peg board to avoid spills. Think outside the box and look in the laundry and bathroom department for ideas.

Stock up

There’s nothing worse than getting your child all settled in for a crafternoon (while you put your feet up!) only to hear them yell, “Mum! We’ve run out of everything!”. Make sure you’ve got plenty of supplies on hand. Buy in bulk, and only put out small amounts of each item at a time, so that you can dip into your supplies and restock as needed – without having to hit the shops every time.

Put on a display

Image: A Beautiful Mess
Image: A Beautiful Mess

Every artist wants their best work on display! Set aside a section of wall, or a cork board, so that you can pin up your child’s favourite masterpieces. Encourage them to choose just a few each week or month, so that you don’t end up with an entire wall covered in their art! Not everything needs to go on display, and you’ll need to be careful not to offend! Our Small Personalised Sketchbook makes a great gift to leave out for your budding artist.

Keep it clean

Keeping your kids craft area clean and tidy means your child is more likely to spend time there. Cleaning up should become their responsibility, and it’s easy if you provide lots of handy containers to store everything inside. Put a bin nearby, and you can even keep a dustpan and broom handy so that they can clean the floor. Encourage them to wipe down the surface once they have finished crafting.

Feature image: Claire Collected