The benefits of having a sister. Happy Sisters’ Day!


The first Sunday of August marks Sisters’ Day, a day where we celebrate those wonderful, tormenting, beautiful, horrible, helpful and annoying girls we grew up with. Perhaps you squabbled with your sister while growing up (and perhaps you still do!), but the science has spoken – sisters are good for you. Here’s how.

Sisters fighting


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Sisters improve your psychological well-being

Having a sister, regardless of age difference and whether she is older or younger, has a far stronger influence than even parents in lowering depression.

Stuck on You's Global Strategy Manager Binny (left) and her sister Possy
Stuck on You’s Global Strategy Manager Binny (left) and her sister Possy (image supplied)













Sisters help reduce negative emotions

Adolescents with sisters are less likely to feel lonely, unloved, fearful, guilty or self-conscious. They are also more likely to feel loved.
















Sisters make you nicer

Sisters can significantly impact on the kindness of adolescents. While brothers can also have a positive influence, the presence of a sister is more likely to promote harmony.

Annie and Hallie from Parent Trap
Annie and Hallie from Parent Trap
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Having a sister means you’re less likely to divorce

Well actually, any sibling. Research from Ohio State University shows that each additional sibling that you have decreases your likelihood of divorce. This could be attributed to the presence of siblings necessitating the development of communication and conflict resolution skills.

Sisters say what
Sisters say what?
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Sisters promote family bonding

The presence of a girl in the family appears to be associated with open communication and family cohesion, with boys having the opposite effect.

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Sisters make you more independent and achievement-oriented

Girls with sisters tended to be more independent and goal-oriented. This effect is stronger among kids from single parent homes, which suggests that sisters might lean on each other during family separation.

tuck on You's very own set of successful sisters, Operations Manager Mel (left) and CEO Carrie
Stuck on You’s very own set of successful sisters, Operations Manager Mel (left) and CEO Carrie (right). Image supplied.

Having a sister helps guys relate better to women

Sensitivity and listening skills are better in men with sisters. A study simulating a speed dating type situation found that men who grew up with sisters fared better than those who did not. This is a two-way street, with women who had brothers doing better with men.

Don't worry champ, you'll thank them later
Don’t worry champ, you’ll thank them later.
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