Create a different kind of pet food with these healthy animal-themed snacks!

A picture of several pet food recipes

Are your kids missing friends as they spend more time at home? Inspire friendships with animal companions using these fun pet food snacks.

Pets have had plenty of recognition lately. August saw International Dog Day, while all of September is Happy Cat Month! People adopting pets has also soared in popularity during COVID-19 to help with feelings of isolation. So, we thought what better opportunity to draw attention to some of our favourite pet food.

No, not that kind of pet food. We’re talking about fun and healthy animal-themed snacks your little ones can help you make.

It’s a great activity the family can truly do together—including the furriest members. Although, we do recommend keeping them away from any utensils.

Animal-themed food can be useful for young children who may be a little shy or trepidatious around family pets. By associating otherwise strange creatures with fun family time, it can break down barriers and promote curiosity about your furriest family members.

For kids who already love wrestling with the dog or chasing the cat around the house, well, it’ll just further reinforce that love! And if you don’t have any pets, your kids will still love the delicious treats!

We’ve chosen a couple of options each based around cats and dogs, with a fish recipe thrown in for good measure as well as some Bluey and Hey Duggee options. But whatever the food, rest assured they’re all perfect on-the-go snacks ready for your Stuck On You Bento!

You want a pizza me?

Your little ones are sure to be ‘feline’ fine with these adorable mini cat pizzas from Bento Monsters.

The bases are actually made from sandwich bread, meaning they’re super easy. Simply cut them to shape, add your preferred pizza ingredients (with olives for the nose and eyes, and fried spaghetti for the whiskers), and pop in the oven. Easy, cute and delicious!

A picture of a cat pizza pet food recipe
Image courtesy of Bento Monsters

A fetching snack

We’ve all heard of sausage dogs, but who knew there could be banana dogs as well!

From The Banana Police, this guy won’t be able to fetch your slippers, but he will make fruit irresistibly cute for littlies.

And with nothing more than a banana and a few other pieces of fruit, he couldn’t be simpler as well!

A picture of a banana dog pet food recipe
Image courtesy of The Banana Police


These ‘purrfect’ treats from Easy Family Recipe Ideas combine a love for cats with a love of reading.

With banana, strawberries, and marshmallows for something just a little sweet, they’re mini versions of the title character from Dr Seuss’s classic children’s book The Cat in the Hat.

Easy to make, easy to eat, and easy to take everywhere in a Bento, they’ll be devoured by your little Thing 1 and Thing 2 in no time!

A picture of a cat in the hat pet food recipe
Image courtesy of Easy Family Recipe Ideas

Canine out of ten

This dog toast from Instrupix is something kids will ‘woof’ down whether it’s breakfast or any other meal of the day for that matter.

This page has lots of ideas for how to turn toast into a cute dog (and lots of other animals) with just a little creative use of spreads, fruit and cheese. It’s one where the only limit is your imagination!

A picture of a toast dog pet food recipe
Image courtesy of Instrupix

There’s something fishy going on here

We’ve kept the recipes mostly to cats and dogs, but these fruit fish from Canadian Family were ‘o-fish-ially’ too cute, easy and healthy not to throw in as well.

With orange slices, carrot, strawberries and blueberries, these are some very healthy fish!

A picture of fish oranges
Image courtesy of Canadian Family

Bluey berries

Finally, we had to mention our two new favourite product ranges: Bluey and Hey Duggee. Both official sites have lots of great recipe ideas, so click the links and check them out!

Once you’ve made all the delicious food, you can take it with you wherever you go in a personalised Bluey or Hey Duggee product like a Bento or Food Jar!

A picture of Bluey hosting a tea party
The whole gang will love these Bluey snacks!

Have you got some other awesome pet food recipes? Get in touch on Facebook and let us know, and then find your perfect animal-themed Bento products right here!