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A picture of NAIDOC week

NAIDOC Week 2019 is on from the 7th to the 14th of July, and there are plenty of ways you and your kids can get involved. For over forty years, Australia has been celebrating its indigenous heritage with NAIDOC Week. The origin of NAIDOC (National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee) goes all the way […]

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Shining in the Rain

A child excited about summer rainy day outfits

Summer rainy day outfits. That concept probably seems like an oxymoron, but hot weather means storms, and storms mean rain. This is our top outfit advice for you and your kids when the warm days turn wet. The song I Can’t Stand the Rain was written about people like us at Stuck On You. You […]

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Wonder Women

A picture of a young child supporting Australian female sports stars

A contingent of Australian female sports stars is giving us plenty to be proud of—and showing all our kids the dizzying heights they can aspire to. The old, very antiquated saying goes something like this: behind every great man is a great woman. Pfft, step aside, fellas! Women are being great all on their own! […]

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A Holly July Christmas

A picture of children celebrating Christmas in July

Christmas in July gets more popular every year. It’s family time, fun and celebration without the stress—or the need to visit distant relatives! Most people love the Christmas holiday season. That is until the reality of it begins to settle in. Crowded shopping centres, trying to remember where you stashed the fake tree, and figuring […]

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Like Giving Candy To A Baby

A picture of grapes

From cotton candy grapes to bubbleberries, here are some fun ways to get your kids eating more fruit and veg. Grapes that taste like fairy floss and mini cucumbers that taste (slightly) like lemon. No, you’re not dreaming. These exist and make for great options if you want to expand your fruit and veg horizons. […]

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Five Party Giveaways Kids Won’t Ever Forget

A picture of children looking at party giveaways

Five Party Giveaways Kids Won’t Ever Forget This article about party giveaways is courtesy of guest blogger, Andrej Kovacevic, who is a dedicated freelance writer and digital evangelist. He contributes to a wide range of home decor-focused publications, where he discusses everything from smart home innovations to home decor trends. Read more from Andrej here.  Busy […]

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Swish—Nothing but Netflix!

A picture of a remote control choosing from the top ten Netflix options

Our top ten Netflix options for kids of all ages (including the big kids). We’ve all been there before: that time of day when the kids are acting like maniacs; grabbing at you and throwing things around the house like they’re competing in the javelin at the Olympics. All you want is just a little […]

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Tennis out of Ten

A picture of a young girl playing Tennis

With Australia’s recent Tennis success, it’s the perfect opportunity to get your kids making a racquet (in a good way). Last week, Australia celebrated a new sporting hero when Ash Barty won the French Open. Barty is the first Australian woman to win the Paris event since 1973 and, in an era of Tennis brats, […]

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Quiz: Which Royal Are You?

A picture of a cat wearing a Royal crown.

Got your crown handy? Place it on carefully … and then find out which member of the Royal Family you are. This week, many of us across Australia observed the Queen’s birthday. Generally, this means a day off work and school. Or, in other words, a ‘royal’ long weekend—yay! We hope you were able to […]

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What Mums Say vs What They Really Mean

A picture of a woman expressing things mums say

The definitive list of things mums say. If mums did not have a well-refined filter in place to prevent all the thoughts in their heads from spilling out of their mouths, they would probably lose custody of their kids or end up in prison. With that in mind, here are some common things mums say […]

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