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You don’t need a lot of extra sugar in your children’s lunch boxes. Sweeten their lunch times with cute little notes that show them that you’re thinking of them.

Here are some cool ideas for lunch box notes to help get you inspired.

Yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tummy

Let them eat your words –  literally! All you need is a toothpick, some edible ink and a food item to write on – preferably one with a flat surface.

Who knows, the right words might encourage them to eat foods they don’t normally like.

Conversely, they may claim to be so touched by your words that they couldn’t bring themselves to eat that carrot (true story).

Secret message on a banana

Not quite love in their tummy (unless they like eating banana peels) but this is very impressive while being slightly easier to do than the above.

Get a banana and use a toothpick to write a secret message to your child on the skin. As the banana starts to brown, your message will reveal itself!

 Lunch box hacks - Banana

Everybody’s working for the weekend

Build the suspense during the school week with a series of notes (one for each day) that will slowly reveal your fun weekend plans.

Lunch box notes - notes

Image: Beau Coffrin/The Huffington Post

Hot tip: Try to construct your sentence such that the headliner words, e.g. ‘movie’, ‘beach’, ‘Paris’, are last. Not only will that maintain the suspense for longer, it also protects you if you have a change of heart later in the week (or the kids have been bad) and you want to change the ending to ‘clean the garage’ or ‘nothing’.

Trivia/Fun facts

Kids will totally love being sent to a place of learning with even more learning (!) Trivia and fun facts will appeal to most children, especially if they’re tailored to their particular interests.

Here are some examples of random trivia you can slip into their lunch boxes;

  • Pteronophobia is the fear of being tickled by feathers.
  • The top 6 foods to make you fart – beans, corn, bell peppers, cauliflower, cabbage and milk.

Not only will they learn something new, they can spread the love by imparting their newfound wisdom to their classmates. It will make them super-popular! OK, maybe not now, but possibly in a few decades when they randomly recall these facts for the local pub trivia night.

Old folk’s jokes

Those Dad jokes shouldn’t be confined to the privacy of your dining room. Bring home to school with some hilarious(ly bad) jokes.

Lunch box notes - donkey

For those of you familiar with my writing style, you’d think that awful Dad jokes would be my specialty. And for the most part they are, however, the well does run dry on occasion. That’s where Christmas cracker jokes come in handy – perfect for the creatively challenged or lazy.

I still have some Christmas cracker jokes left from over Christmas that I cleverly kept (or quite possibly, forgot to throw out) and I can’t wait to relaunch these missiles when school starts again.

If you threw out those Christmas cracker jokes even before you read them, fear not. Shops are still selling them – but at 50-75% off. Bargain fun!

Want to create your own fun? Take inspiration from Dad Billy Ivey, who leaves these gems on napkins in his kids’ lunch boxes.

Lunch box notes - napkin

Via Billy Ivey/Facebook

Lunch box notes - napkins 2

Via Billy Ivey/Facebook

Lunch box notes - napkin 3

Via Billy Ivey/Facebook


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Want to make your Bentos pop? Click on the picture below and listen to George Georgievski from School Lunch Box as he provides some awesome tips and tricks for Bento preparation.

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