How to Teach the Kids in Fun and Creative Ways

Some of the best ways to teach kids about anything is to let them have fun while doing so. Knowledge is not limited to the classroom: it can be gathered anywhere, anytime. Encouraging your kids to keep exploring outside of school will teach them to be curious and see everything as an opportunity to learn something. Here are some tips to help the kids have fun while learning!

Little boy playing with his homemade planetarium as he holds a rocket with arms raised as he plays.

Take it outside

Being outside will give them a chance to explore different textures, sort and weigh objects, and learn to observe the changes in their surroundings. Plenty of things can be taught outdoors, especially when it comes to nature. One of our favorites is the scavenger hunt: get them to answer questions correctly to get to their destination, where a treasure awaits. Whether it’s to study for a school exam or to teach them how to use their critical thinking skills, spending time outside will also teach them the greatest lesson of all: to love the planet.

Little girl with a butterfly

Use vacations

Whether you’re visiting museums in a big city or spending all your time at the beach, vacations hold a lot of opportunities for kids to learn. A great idea is to give kids the chance to teach the family about something they have learned on the road. You can have them tell you about it on the way back, or encourage them to make something, whether it’s a song or a drawing, that represents their discovery. You can even turn the whole idea around: have them learn about the place and tell you what they know before going!

Three kids laughing in car on a road trip. Kids are aged 10 and 7. The kids are laughing and looking backward. Sunny summer day.

Participate in their learning

Read and discover new constellations with them, or ask them questions about the movies they’re watching. Whatever their attention is on reflects what is important to them, and you can teach them how to express their thoughts and feelings about things by letting them know you’re listening and that you are interested. Switch roles and be the child occasionally asking, “why this and why that.” This is a great way to encourage good communication.

Mother is holding digital tablet and showing some multimedia content to her little daughter who is having a lot of fun. Bright light is coming through the window in the background.

Get crafty

Many kids learn better when they can see, touch, smell or hear the things they are being taught. Want to teach them about butterflies? Help them make their own butterfly feeder. Are they learning geography? Make a Global Twister game that will have them stumbling around the world! There are plenty of craft ideas that mix science and art to teach your kids valuable lessons. The important thing is that they’re having fun – this way, they’re more likely to pay attention and remember. They’ll also be learning how to be organized by having to clean up after they are finished with their crafts.

Litte girl painting easter eggs