How to help your child enjoy school

Getting the kids to enjoy school is a tough task for any parent, but there are some steps you can take to try and inspire them. Rachel Hall, Managing Director of educational resource provider Busy Things, knows a thing or two about getting kids excited to learn, so we’ve asked her to share with us her secrets.

Kids not wanting to go to school is a problem every parent will face at some point. And while this can generally be overcome by some gentle encouragement, there are times when not wanting to go can become a problem. There are numerous reasons why your kids might not enjoy school, such as social anxiety, lack of challenge (boredom), bullying, or simply just preferring to be at home. Whatever the reason your kids want to stay at home, there are some best practices you can adopt to encourage them to enjoy school, which I will explain in this article.

Set an example

You will be the single most influential teacher in your child’s life. They will learn and mimic your behaviour, how you interact with others, and how much time you put into your own education. By reading books or even taking adult classes, you will instil in your kids the idea that education is something that people do voluntarily to learn and grow, rather than something that is forced upon them.

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Be respectful

It is inevitable that your child will have teachers that you like and teachers that you dislike. This is only natural, but you should be wary of how this is perceived by your child. By speaking about their teachers in a respectful way, your kids will be able to respect them, helping them get on easier in school. You cannot expect a child to learn very much or enjoy school if they are being taught by people they don’t respect.

Extracurricular activities

Sitting in a chair all day and learning in a classroom setting can be a boring experience for many children, so it’s wise to schedule some fun learning out of school, such as sports and clubs. You should discover and encourage your child’s interests, whether it’s for a musical instrument, doing a martial art, or practicing dance. Whatever it is, having something fun to look forward to at the end of the day is a great way to get the kids energised.

Show interest

Having positive conversations about homework and school is a fantastic way to reinforce positive emotions in your child. Talk to them about their day, what they liked and what they didn’t like, and why they didn’t like those things. This will give you an insight into their school life and an opportunity to nip potential issues in the bud early. Being an active participant in their day to day schooling will pay dividends in the long run.

Start the day off right

It’s easy to wake up cranky, especially if we aren’t getting enough sleep. But starting the day off on the wrong side of bed could be setting a bad example for your kids. It’s certainly not easy, but you can set your kids up for an enjoyable day by making their mornings enjoyable. They aren’t going to be backflipping down the stairs, but if you take the stress out of the morning and get them excited about school, they’ll have a much better experience.

While you can’t make every single second of school enjoyable, follow these tips and you should be able to boost your kids’ excitement, keeping them engaged for years to come.

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