Halloween is Spooktacular at Stuck on You

Stuck on You are taking Halloween very seriously this year, you could even call us Stuck on Boo! OK, don’t do that, but I think you get the point. We love Halloween!

Many cackles could be heard from the design studio as our clever team put together the 2012 Halloween Collection. They came up with 4 gorgeously ghosty, worryingly witchy, magnificently monster-y and perfectly pumpkin-y designs for you to enjoy with the kids this Halloween and all in personalised Stuck on You style, of course.

If your neighbourhood is anything like mine your streets will be overrun with 3 foot ghosts, scarecrows, Frankensteins, witches, headless monsters and aliens. OK, I might be thinking of that scene from ET but this year we are trick or treating for sure!

So, start carving the pumpkins and dust off the bed sheets because it’s time to celebrate Halloween!


First thing to organise this Halloween if your throwing a Halloween is the party invitations! Well, why not make them personalised Halloween Party invitations?

With our 4 fabulous designs including a witch, Jack-o-Lantern, ghosts and monsters, you can pick a suitable design to suit each guest. As with all of our personalised invitations, these come with a cute matching envelope and 9 lines of text to create perfectly personalised Halloween invitations for your party.


Why not have a personalised Party in a Cup as a place setting? If you are using them at your Halloween Party, we suggest filling your cups with a spooky Halloween style punch. How about Bloody Vampire Punch – a yummy combination of lemonade, cranberry juice and frozen strawberries thawed. It’s amazing how kids’ imaginations soon turn these strawberries into floating fingers and thumbs! Ewww!

If you’re not having a party these are just a great gift, the colours are gorgeous and it doesn’t have to be just for Halloween – kids love ghosts, monsters and witches any time.

Any sweet tooth will tell you that this trick or treating is serious business, the bigger the bag the larger the stash! Kids are ahead of the pack with their very own personalised Trick or Treat Bag. If you order a personalised Trick or Treat Bag for each of your kids there will be no quarrelling over whose stash is whose!

Top tip: Pop an apple in each bag before they head out. Just kidding, don’t do that, it’ll just be tossed onto the street to make room for lollies. Save your fruit for another day.


We are loving these gorgeous Halloween Mini Badges. You have the 4 Halloween designs to choose from with 5 different aspects of that design on each badge and one badge in each pack comes personalised. Great for Halloween but these designs are so super cool your kids will want to wear them all year round.

They make a great take home party gift and you can use them to decorate kids jackets, hats, swimming bags or school bags once Halloween is done and dusted.


In the madness of Halloween it is easy for kids to get excited and run off. Pop your child’s name and your phone number on your kids’ personalised slap bands for peace of mind.

You could even get the same colour for each of your kids or the kids in your care and everyone in your neighbourhood will know who belongs to you.



Save with this Spooky Special! 

We’ve also just introduced these super cute little Halloween Packs. Each one includes a Personalised Trick or Treat Bag and a Halloween in a Cup that will give you over 20% off! That’s the perfect Halloween Pack to make sure the kids get into the Spooky Spirit this Halloween.





A few little Halloween Jokes

We had a little competition on Facebook and asked our fabulous followers to send in their favourite Halloween jokes. Here are some of them:

Where do ghosts go on vacation?

Why did the vampire go to the orthodontist?
To improve his bite.

Who is the best dancer at Halloween?
The Boogie Monster

Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?
Coz he didn’t have any guts.

Have a Happy Halloween one and all. We’d love to hear how you get on with your Personalised Halloween Party Invitations, Halloween in a Cup or your Trick or Treat Bags. Share your spooky tales with us here.

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