Four-step DIY floral nursery mobile

Image: 12th and White

Styling your baby’s nursery doesn’t need to cost you a fortune (or require a degree in Interior Decorating). We’ve got a simple, stunning tutorial that will show you how to create a floral mobile in just four easy steps. Choose your colour scheme, add your own personal touches and make it as big or as small as you desire. Use the images on this page for inspiration!

What you’ll need

  • A styrofoam ring (approx 30cm, but you can choose larger or smaller depending on your needs)
  • Colourful ribbon – enough to wrap around the styrofoam ring, and extra ribbon to hang your wreath from the ceiling. Think about your colour scheme – you could use the same ribbon on the entire wreath or mix it up and use a combination
  • Artificial flowers to match your colour scheme
  • Hot glue gun
Image: Project Nursery
Image: Project Nursery, image by Beth Adilly Photography

Whip it up!

  • Wrap your styorofoam ring with ribbon, so that no gaps are showing. Secure with hot glue gun.
  • Using your hot glue gun, it’s time to secure the flowers to your wreath. Space them as close together or as far apart as you’d like. Experiment with different colours and positions until you are happy. You can use pins to temporarily secure the flowers until you’re ready to glue them on.
  • You’llĀ need two extremely long pieces of ribbon for this part. Once you have decided how low you want your wreath to hang from the ceiling, you’ll need to double that length and cut your two pieces of ribbon. Fold each piece in half and attach to opposite sides of the wreath (north and south, east and west). This will give you four strands of ribbon that stretch from the wreath up to the roof
  • Loop your ribbons over your ceiling hook
  • Feel free to adapt this tutorial to suit your needs. You might want to hang extra feathers, garlands or flowers from the bottom of your wreath using fishing line or thin ribbons.
Image: Begonia Rose Co, Etsy
Image: Begonia Rose Co, Etsy
Image: The Glittered Barn, Etsy
Image: The Glittered Barn, Etsy

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