Creative Review Competition

We recently teamed up with Bloggers Connecting in New Zealand and invited all of the Bloggers attending their Around The Table event on the weekend (12-14 April 2013) to choose their favourite Stuck on You product and write their most creative review. For the winner, we offered $250 cash and a $250 Stuck on You Prize Pack to share with their readers.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with these fabulously talented and creative women and we loved seeing our products presented in so many fun and creative ways. Here at Stuck on you HQ we thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every one and shared them with the Stuck on You team all over the world.

But there can only be one winner and on this our judges were unanimous. The ever so clever Stella Rutherford, the creator of The Golden Adventures of a Very Dark Horse created the most amazing review that we have ever seen. You take a look and be the judge.

Our Busy Lives Stuck on You review

How cute are those kids?! You can read the entire blog post entitled Our Intrepid Lives here. Want to know how she did it? Well, Stella has posted a how-to along with many other craft tutorials, you can read it here.

Congratulations to Stella for doing such an awesome job and showing the Stuck on You Lunch Pack in such an awe-inspiring way. Just as Einstein said (and a quote that adorns a wall here at Stuck on You HQ), “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”

Stay tuned, later this week we will have an interview with Stella Rutherford.

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