3 clever tricks to de-clutter your kitchen

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home. But what happens when the arteries are clogged?

This is where you need to call the DOC for help – Ditch, Organise, Control.

Kitchen de-cluttering is well worth the effort as it greatly improves wellbeing. Certainly, my family and
I are safer. Entering the kitchen no longer carries physical risks.

Personally, a clean, well-organised kitchen also makes me feel light and happy. I daydream about
its shiny bare surfaces when I’m at work. I want to buy it dinner and ask it to spend the night. And –
here’s the clincher – I want to cook. For fun. I’m talking more than four ingredients and using three different chopping boards to cut two onions. So much space!

Most importantly, I can dance around the kitchen during 80s power hour without the risk of tripping over a neglected doughnut maker and face-planting into a pile of dirty forks.*

*Completely hypothetical example of an event that may or may not have taken place in Crew Captain’s kitchen last weekend. 


The first step is getting rid of what you no longer need. Ask of each item, has it been used recently?
Or ever? Do you even know what it is? Is it a ‘kids’ meal’ toy festering with mould due to design flaws
that make it impossible to clean once small children have had their three seconds of fun with it? (Hello
banana slicer. And goodbye.)

Ape, Banana, Gibraltar, Animal, Monkey

No one needs a banana slicer. No one. 


The second step is organising what’s left post-cull. Having a proper (and consistent!) place for each item will keep your kitchen neat and under control. Use fun and elegantly designed labels for jars of food so you can tell your baking soda from your flour, and your gluten-free from your gluten-spree.


Prevention is better than cure. Do you really want to relive steps 1 and 2 anytime soon? When it comes
to accepting new stuff for the kitchen, prepare to be as ruthless as a bouncer on a power trip and only let in
items that are;

a) useful

b) unique

c) wearing the right shoes, and

d) accompanied by a hot chick (oh tick, that’s you!).