Christmas Cards: They’re staging a comeback!

There’s something really lovely about Christmas traditions. Now that I have a family of my own, I’m starting to think long and hard about the sorts of Christmas memories I want my kids to grow up with. Obviously, the mental image of their mother running around screaming, “Where is the wrapping paper! Why is there never any wrapping paper!” will feature heavily. But I’d also love them to have a real sense of what it means to be part of a big, extended family. And a huge part of this is the sending and receiving of Christmas cards.

Maybe you run out of time every year. Maybe you’ve lost everyone’s address. Maybe you still have a stack of cards sitting in your drawer from last year that never made it to the post office. Why not make this year the start of a new tradition.

Here is some Christmas card etiquette to keep in mind:

Triple-check your spelling

When you’re sending a Stuck On You Christmas Card, we’ll give you 8 lines of text to personalise with your own greeting. We cannot stress enough the importance of checking your spelling! Here are some common phrases and their correct spelling:

  • Season’s Greetings not Seasons Greetings
  • Happy New Year not Happy New Year’s or Happy New Years
  • Always capitalise Christmas

Great Aunty Beryl is such a grammar nut, you don’t want to upset her before Christmas Day!

Send ’em early

Aim to have all your cards sent out by the second week in December. That way you’ll avoid the rush at the post office. It also means your recipient can make a lovely little display of all their cards before Christmas arrives. Plus, if they’ve “accidentally” left you off their list, there’s still time to pop you back on!

Include a return address

When you order a packet of our Christmas cards we’ll include all the envelopes and a cute matching sticker seal. We recommend taking a bit of time to add your return address on the reverse side of the envelope (or you could be really clever and order a set of our Address Labels to make it easy!). If anyone has changed address the card will make its way back to you, and you won’t have to spend all year thinking you’ve been ignored! It also means the recipient can send you a Christmas card in return. If you’ve got young children, consider popping their name on the label so that they receive a lovely card in the mail.

Stuck On You Christmas Cards

One of the many Christmas Card designs on offer this year from Stuck On You
One of the many Christmas Card designs on offer this year from Stuck On You

We’ve just released a beautiful range of personalised Christmas cards that takes away a lot of the stress (and hand cramps). Simply choose your favourite design, pick a colour theme and write a carefully crafted message to all your loved ones. We’ll create your cards and send you a pack of 12, including envelopes and a cute sticker seal. Then you just need to address them and you’re done!