Our favourite nursery trends for 2016

Image: Style By Emily Henderson

If there’s one place in the house you can afford to cut loose with a bit of creativity, it’s the nursery. Because let’s face it, your new housemate can’t really complain!

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Baby names inspired by the seasons

Image: Living Life's Moments

Since having a child, I’ve become obsessed with baby names. Scrolling through my mental list of favourite names actually helps me to fall asleep. It’s the mummy version of counting sheep. Not that I’m pregnant, mind you, or even planning a second baby (or am I?). It’s just a lovely way to pass the time. […]

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Why Baby #2 will be a breeze (won’t it?)

Image: Living Life's Moments blog

The difference between your first and second baby can probably be summed up by what’s in your hospital bag. Let’s face it, by the time the big day arrives you will probably throw a pair of PJs in a canvas shopping bag and be done with it! Whether you’re already a seasoned pro, or your second is due any […]

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What Pregnant Women Really Want (But Maybe Don’t Realise Yet)


Pregnancy is probably one of the most intense, magical, scary and full on times of a womens life. In between your body going gang busters with cravings, weight gain, aches and pains, and “butterflies” in your belly (that really feels like butterflies with sharp pointy elbows), you can sometimes forget to put yourself first. So […]

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