Adventure Seekers

A picture of a fammily enjoying their weekend family adventure

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of a weekend family adventure. Take our quiz and find out which type best suits your family. Ahh, the weekend. Is there a better word in the English language? Okay, ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Catnap’ might give it a run for its money—but it’s hard to deny the appeal of those […]

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Southpaws for Effect

A picture of a toddler excited about Lefthanders Day

International Lefthanders Day is next Tuesday, August 13. We’ve got fun ways for your kids to get a ‘handle’ on what life is like on the opposite side. International Lefthanders Day. We promise we’re not making it up. Celebrated annually on the 13th of August, it was initially commemorated in 1976 by the Founder of […]

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Book, Line and Sinker

A picture of a child enjoying a book on Book Lovers Day

Book Lovers Day 2019 is this Friday, August 9th. We’ve compiled our list of the top reads for kids of all ages. Book Lovers Day may seem like a bit of an anachronism in modern society. In a world run by the Internet, social media and anything on a screen, the notion of sitting down […]

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Great Respectations

A picture of a family embracing Respect for Parents Day

On Respect for Parents Day, you can forget the brekky in bed or the flowers. Here’s how to really show respect to those who gave you life. Just when you thought parents had it made with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day—and every single year at that—they also get Respect for Parents Day (the 1st August). Lucky […]

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A picture of two young girls hugging for Friendship Day

Friendship Day 2019 is being celebrated worldwide today. We’ve got a few fantastic ideas to help your little ones make some besties. Ah, making friends—if only it were as easy as walking into the local retro-themed coffee house and trading sarcastic quips about life, love, careers and the Ugly Naked Guy. Well, luckily, Friendship Day […]

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Dough Re Mi

A picture of a donut for donut day

It’s National Donut Day this Friday! And before you ask, yes, you can get donuts for free. National Donut Day. We promise it’s a real thing. In an age where we are all becoming far more conscious of what we’re eating—which, don’t get us wrong, is a very good thing—it’s comforting to know there is […]

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Genius hacks for flying with children

Even at the best of times, long-haul flying is not everyone’s cup of tea. Throw in a few small children and the mere thought is enough to have you reaching for the smelling salts. However tempting it is to remain literally grounded until the kids reach the age of reason (whenever that is!), sometimes you […]

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Summer Holidays: 5 Top Tips for Family Trips

The summer holiday season is nearly upon us and with it will surely comes fun, ice-cream, tears, and perhaps the odd game of non-stop cricket or baseball. But there are challenges ahead. No matter how fabulous your family, it’s only natural that, away from home and on the move, people get a little edgy once […]

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Going camping? Here are some surprising camping hacks

The Easter long weekend is a popular time to embark on the family camping trip. Why? Several reasons. The weather is tends to be lovely and mild, with warm days and cool nights. Daylight saving for many Australians and New Zealanders ends on 1 April (Easter Sunday), meaning that you can enjoy the longer evenings […]

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How to survive the family road trip

Image: Inspiring Women

Gentle sunshine, the wind in your hair, happy children engaging in thoughtful and informed discussions about the beautiful monument they just saw… Are your family road trips anything like this? If so, stop reading now. You don’t need us. For the rest of us mere mortals battling backseat squabbles, boredom, and multiple unscheduled toilet stops, […]

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