Christmas jumpers so ugly they will make your eyes water

As a longtime fan of Christmas, I find this time of year a bit hard to handle. It’s at least two months before we start hearing tinny renditions of Here Comes Santa Claus while frantically running around the shops preparing for (as Bridget Jones calls it) the annual Taste-Of-Others exam. Thankfully, this is where Christmas […]

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Weird and wonderful Christmas customs around the world

World globe with santa hat

The big day is almost here. You’re probably sweating over the Christmas turkey, praying that the kids behave in front of the in-laws and panicking that the 24 hour Kmart will randomly decide to close before you arrive for last-minute present shopping. Why not take a breather and let us take you on a little […]

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Hilarious Santa photo fails

Kids with Santa photo

I remember my first photo with Santa. OK, actually I don’t as I was only a few months old. But I remember the picture. I was flashing a huge cloth nappy and had only started growing hair in patches, therefore resembling a little old man who’d lost a fight with a whipper snipper. As a […]

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Mum justice – The search for the worst Christmas album

David Hasselhoff

It’s been 57 days, 13 hours and 2 minutes since I last saw my beloved John Denver Christmas album. For those of you not familiar with the ongoing saga, I started playing this album in the car at the start of October. I was mad keen to get into the Christmas spirit at a time […]

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The quirky history of gingerbread – Plus a darn good gingerbread house recipe!


Nothing says Christmas like gingerbread. But did you know that there is a rich history behind this much-loved dessert? Read on and you will learn everything you never realised you wanted to know about gingerbread – plus a delicious and easy gingerbread house recipe at the end! GINGERBREAD: HISTORY AND FUN FACTS The specific origins […]

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Introducing Stuck On You Holiday Stickers!

Tired of bulk Christmas card mail-outs? Save time, money and the environment – not to mention your sanity! – with Stuck On You’s high quality, versatile and absolutely hilarious stickers. Most of us have our address books in our phones – though if you’re anything like me, your so-called address book consists only of names […]

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The best christmas books by age

Reading child

As those of you following would know, I’ve been celebrating Christmas since early October. The rest of polite society is now catching up – the town Christmas tree is lit, shopping centre Santas are waiting patiently for the onslaught of dribbling, blubbering pants-wetting masses, and a certain radio station has started playing Band-Aid’s Do They […]

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Christmas movies to get you in the festive mood

Popcorn bowl

I finally get why I’m extra-obsessed with Christmas this year. It’s because last year I was deprived of my usual big lead-up to Christmas. We had just moved to a new city, so; I was busy unpacking and being slightly terrified of driving around on weird new roads (6 way intersection – really?) Though we […]

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7 Dazzling Christmas lights

geelong christmas tree - night time

Can you tell I’m excited about Christmas? Though I’ve managed to contain myself to a mere three Christmas blogs in October – such self-restraint! Today is Halloween so really I should be excited about that. And I am! But that excitement is also combined with the fear of knowing that my kids will ask me […]

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13 whacky Elf on the Shelf ideas

Elf on a shelf

I know I know. Another Christmas-themed blog. But with only 76 sleeps till the big day, and still fewer than 100% of retailers displaying their Christmas stock, I need to inspire myself somehow. (Also I’ve misplaced my John Denver Christmas album. Either that or the kids finally made good with their threats and set fire […]

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