Our Favourite Girls Names Of The Week


There are so many baby name articles around, but strangely enough I can’t wolf them in quicker than a tasty burger – I love them! How can I possibly stop having children when there are so many amazing names around! Oh yeah .. Nope, wait I can definitely stop. Here are some collective favourites from […]

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10 Quirky Baby Names

Most Unusual Baby Names

These days in the playground you’re more likely to find a Zedah than a Sarah, a Tyto than a Tyrone. Quirky baby names that are a little bit left of centre and little bit unique are always around, and we’ve compiled a list of our favourite ones! 1.Mathias and Mateo Variations of the more traditional […]

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Six Decades of the Most Popular Names for Girls in USA

At Stuck on You, we are in the name business and see a HUGE diversity of names in personalised orders for our products. We love researching the their popularity, keeping an eye on trends and following the latest Top 100 Names lists from country to country. (Read our recent post, Top 100 Baby Names in Australia) […]

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