The Absolute Best Tips For Traveling With Kids.


As someone who likes to call themselves a ‘seasoned traveler’, I’d like to think I know a thing or two about it. But as someone who recently became a new mother and is heading back to England at the end of the year for 3 weeks, I assume I am going to bite my tongue with that statement. 

I don’t carry a ‘nappy’ bag normally. I keep a zipped clutch sized bag in my own tote with everything needed for a day trip. This lasts me 3 nappies, which depending on how your day is going, could only last a few hours.

We’ve compiled a list of the absolute best tips for traveling with kids from various sources and parents who have done just that. Do you have any power advice you need to add?

1. A good travel cot.

Yes, most hotels will provide one but it’s like biting into a clinker – you just never know if you’re going to come up with the goods and get pink, or a row of duds and end up with green. What flavour is green anyway!?

2. Individual formula dispensers.

Even without traveling internationally with a bub yet, I can strongly recommend these Tommee Tippee formula dispensers. I like to call them ‘baby espresso pods’ or ‘bubbachinos’ because I’m witty like that. Moving on ..

But seriously, they take the exact amount you need for a bottle, have a funnel head to sit inside the bottle and avoid spills and are small and compact to chuck into any bag.


3. Travel Bag Tags

Losing stuff when traveling by yourself is a huge pain, but losing something when traveling with a baby or kids could really throw a spanner in the works. Luckily we are the kings and queens of everything labels and personalising, and have a big range of awesome bag tags to help keep your belongings safe. From tags with photos, name with animations and just a classic name tag we have them all.

Classic Button Bag Tag - Fox

4. A lightweight travel stroller.

Because your big, normal, take off the door frame as you turn the corner in the house one ain’t gonna cut it. You need something really light, compact and ideally something that can even be so small they can be taken on as hand luggage! They do exist! And they don’t cost their weight in gold. In fact, mine came cheaper than my normal pram.

5. Travel Bottle Labels

Tipping your liquids into clear bottles can be a pain to keep them in order, but we have cute bottle labels to make sure nothing get mixed up! No more hand cream in your hair for you!


6. Labels in general

Organisation is key when traveling with little ones, so keep all of their clothes, shoes and general belongings safe with our huge array of labels. We have loads of value packs to choose from as well, and a variety of ways to stick them!

7. A huge sense of patience when to unexpected comes.

When the train gets cancelled, or a light is delayed, or their favourite Elsa toy can’t be found – they key is to embrace everything as it comes, and turn it into an adventure. And definitely grab a wine.


Share your best tips for traveling with kids – I am all ears!! And make sure to jump onour website and have a look at a huge collection of things to make travel easier, including personalised backpacks and lunchboxes.