Can’t wait for your kids to go back to school? Here are some inspirational photos.

Here at Stuck On You HQ, we crew members with kids are on the home stretch of the long school holidays. It won’t be long until that magical time when we can hand our precious bundles back to their teachers (sorry in advance).


To help get you through the almost-end-of-holidays squabbles, boredom complaints and homicidal thoughts (and that’s just the parents), here are some aspirational back to school photos.

This one is self-explanatory.

Back to school photos - boys

Via Bored Panda

These parents don’t even have the decency to look sad (or get out of their nightgowns). 

Back to school photos -parents in nightgowns

Via Bored Panda

At least these parents waited till their kids were on the bus.

Back to school photos - happy parents, school bus

Via Bored Panda

It’s hard to tell whether this mum is jumping or levitating with joy. 

Back to school photos - joyful jumping mum

Via Bored Panda

Another decade’s worth of back to school days to go…..

Back to school photos - class of 2029


Older brother in the background already knows what to expect, unlike his fresh-faced, unsuspecting sister.

Back to school photos - unhappy brother


Want to send them back to school with a smile (and not just yours)? 

Stuck On You has a fantastic range of personalised back to school goodies that your child will love.

Back to school photos - school kitBack to school photos - clothing stamp pack

Back to school photos - Bento pack