A Day In The Life Of: Georgia Mackie


Georgia Mackie is a busy mum of two darling boys – We asked her to give us a run down of her day, and we can’t believe she doesn’t collapse in a heap after chasing these two rascals around all day.

Being a mum of two boys (Louie 1, Freddy 2) is pretty busy. The day goes by in a flash.

When I put it down on paper it seems relatively simple but in between these words I have written, are nappy wrestles, toilet stops, endless snacks, a run away dog, washing, cleaning and whatever else it takes to make the world go around.

6.30AM – Yup, its time to get up. Louie is awake he is my early riser. I sit on the couch as I am still feeding him and check social media. This is probably the most relaxing part of my day. Even though I dread getting out of my bed, I quite enjoy this time.

Screen shot 2015-11-24 at 11.02.17 AM


8.00AM– Freddy wakes up, we all eat breakfast and then Louie goes back to bed. Now to clean up, do some exercise and shower, all with a 2 year old in toe. I end up building Lego towers and most things I planned go out the window.

10.30AM – Time to leave the house. The pram is so much easier and I am thankful everyday for where we live. We walk down to the park to meet some friends, grab a coffee on our way and swing past the butcher shop on our way home.

1.00PM – Lunch time. Sandwiches all round. Louie throws most of his to our dog, while Freddy tells me that he doesn’t like it and that he wants something special. Louie goes back for his afternoon sleep, while Freddy rarely sleeps any more he sits on the couch for some quiet time. Now this is my time to shine, and by shine, I mean shine the house!!!

5.00PM – As every parent would know this is crazy time trying to cook, feed and bath the kids but no matter what, my phone always rings and someone always pops in. My husband is home well and truly by now, so at least he can help with the chaos, or add to it!

Screen shot 2015-11-24 at 11.02.28 AM


7.30PM– Kids go to bed, Louie is amazing and goes down easy. Freddy will protest and want to watch just one more episode of Dora but he finally goes down after some stories. We have to make them up, which was fun at the start, now not so much fun. Crocodiles, Fire Trucks, Cows and Sheep are the hot topics. Every night!

8.00PM– Time to clean up and sit down for a little bit. I always say to myself, ‘I should probably go to bed now’, but I normally get hooked on some TV show or stalking someone on Instagram and then that’s the night over. We hop into bed, with hope of a full nights sleep and a sleep in. Doesn’t hurt to aim high! Right?