5 Smart and Original Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Have you ever wondered if everyone secretly gets together and plans on having babies at the same time? We have. Especially when we’re trying to figure out what to get the new parents and their soon-to-be bundles of joy! Is it useful? Will someone else give them the same thing? Do they already have it?

Whether this is your first baby shower ever, or baby shower number 1,250, here are a few original and fun gifts that will save you, and the new parents, lots of time.

Baby Shower


When it comes to practicality you can never go wrong with this one. The average newborn goes through 10-14 diapers a day. That’s 70-98 diapers a week! We love the idea of a first-year diaper subscription, which would save new parents money and plenty of trips to the store.

If you’d like something more tangible and traditional than an online subscription, you can always add a twist to the presentation. For example, make a diaper cake by stacking diapers on top of each other in the shape of a cake. Decorate it with small gifts such as toys, pacifiers, baby socks, and stuffed animals.

Baby Shower 2

The gift of organization

Give new parents a gift that will make their lives easy. Make an organizational file box for all the papers the parents will be accumulating before and after the new baby arrives. All you need are cute folders, a nice filing box, and labels. Make sure to include subjects like birth certificate/social security, milestones, pediatrician visits, and more.  Leave some extra blank ones for them to add more things.

To make the gift even more adorable, all you’ll need is the baby’s name! Add a value pack of personalized Stuck on You labels to help keep everything else in place from the very beginning.

Baby Shower 3

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While new parents will be more concerned with trying to keep their baby asleep through the night – and alive throughout the day – storybooks are always wonderful gifts to help spark a baby’s imagination. Even more if they have plenty of pictures!

Books like Roger Priddy’s “First 100 words”, Margaret Wise Brown’s “Goodnight Moon”, the classic Dr. Seuss “Oh the Places You’ll Go!”, and Lamaze’s interactive “Captain Calamari’s Treasure Hunt” are some of our favorites. You can even get our own beautifully written and illustrated Personalized Storybooks to add a special touch to the story time!

Baby Shower 4

A little bit of everything

We know it’s difficult to decide on a gift. So why not fill a storage box or basket with a little bit of everything that is important?

Get creative! Add a couple of adorable clothing articles, such as Stuck on You’s personalized onesies andDribble bibs. Practical articles such as a pack of pacifiers, baby bottles, some diapers, baby grooming items, teething toys, and stuffed animals are all great ideas. Last, throw in a set of Personalized Flashcards for extra fun!

Baby Shower 5


For newborns, the best toys are sensory and interactive. Remember they are seeing, smelling, touching, and hearing everything for the first time. Stuffed animals are special companions, and can be a parent’s best friend when the crying starts. Make sure to check for anti-allergenic materials that are safe for the baby before buying. Walkers, activity gyms, and mobiles that come in bright colors and have sounds will keep babies pleased for months.  Interactive toys such as Stuck on You’s personalized Name Puzzles and Name Blocks are great for learning.

There’s plenty to choose from. Just remember: think practical, but don’t leave out the fun!