4 Recipes with Easter Eggs

Now that is Easter is over it means there’s chocolate, and lots of it! I know in my house we never have the problem of uneaten chocolate but many people I know seem to be finding leftover Easter eggs and bunnies months later. At Stuck on You HQ we have been talking about ways to use up those leftover bunnies and here are our favourites:

1. Choc chip cookies

I do love a good choc chip cookie, especially with a nice cold glass of milk. An easy way to use up some leftover chocolate is to break it up into small pieces and substitute it for chocolate chips in your favourite cookie recipe.

2. Chocolate fondue

This idea is great because it uses lots of fresh fruit Рperfect if you overindulged over Easter but still includes something for all of the chocoholics out there (and in here!). Basically all you need to do is combine cream and chocolate pieces in a saucepan on the stove over a gentle heat  until you have a rich, chocolate sauce. Whilst still warm serve with pieces of fresh fruit on sticks. I love bananas and strawberries but you can use any kinds of fruit.

3. Chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse disappears even faster that Easter eggs in our home. Instead of using regular chocolate when making homemade mousse, try substituting some flavoured Easter eggs, such as peppermint for a minty chocolate mousse or honeycomb eggs for a mousse with extra crunch. The possibilities are endless!


4. Hot chocolate

It is Autumn here now and with the cooler weather approaching, nothing beats a mug of hot chocolate. Melt some chocolate and add milk, heating until milk is warm and chocolate is melted through. The final touch is a sprinkle of shaved chocolate and a delicious marshmallow on top.

How do you use up leftover Easter chocolates or is this a problem you never encounter? Would any of these ideas inspire you to stash away some chocolate to use later on?

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